RESCHEDULING from February 11, 2021 – B2wins: Beyond Music

(Showtime: 7:30 pm)

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Stay tuned…this performance is being rescheduled. We will let you know just as soon as we have a confirmed date.

From the violet slums of Brazil, B2wins broke the mold of society by using music as a movement to bring about positive change. That force has defeated violence, poverty, depression, and cancer. Now they are on a mission to make the world smile!

Original artists, entertainers, performers, speakers, and lifestyle enthusiasts, you will experience a full spectrum of emotions while listening to their music. What they do extends far beyond music. Music is merely the tool…the tool to make the world a better place.

These twin brothers’ mission says it all: “We came from a reality in which some days it was hard to smile. Our desire is to positively impact the world and bring a smile to everyone we encounter.”

With a broad range of music (songs like “Hallelujah,” “Stand By Me,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” and “Bad Romance”), B2wins has many faces and sounds and is difficult to put into a specific genre. “We strive to always give you something special, regardless of where we meet and what you like.”

Included with this concert is a full-day outreach with students.

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Tickets: $35 Adults/$10 Students

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