MOVED TO 9/30/2021 – Artrageous

(Showtime 7:30 pm)

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Artrageous is where the Fine Arts meet the Performing Arts! For the first time on one stage, you can experience the thrill of witnessing giant masterpieces being created before your eyes in mere moments and join the challenge of seeing if you can guess what is being created. Artrageous artists use bold colors with hands and brushes as they are inspired by the troupe’s vocalists, musicians, and dancers as they race to complete the paintings before the last note!

Artrageous is a totally unique concept that invites community and a sense of togetherness as the whole show culminates in a one-of-a-kind Live Arts Installation at the end of each concert. Audiences interact with the Gallery and the Performers.

An “Artreach” workshop is included for students at 3:00 pm the afternoon of the performance.

See what you will experience here:

Tickets: $39 Adults; $10 Students

Season ticket holders may begin ordering tickets on July 29, with individual ticket sales beginning August 24. With seven shows in our season, discounts will be as follows: 20% for 7 shows; 15% for 6 shows; 10% for 5 shows; 5% for 4 shows. Patrons purchasing 10 tickets or more in a single transaction for any one show will receive a 15% discount.